This would be the post format Ex: Buy (GME)

with the asset in the title and a small review in the description, it is up to us to publicize this website to start as soon as possible.
I prefer that you register to get an idea of ​​how many people are interested in following this idea, At the bottom left of the page you will find the number of people who have registered
Any valid email with any password will be enough the email will not be berified
good trading to you all

10 months ago

How This Work

Hello guys and girls. WHAT´S THE IDEA OF THIS WEBSITE?

Well if you are a trader for sure and for some time have noticed the you can´t find one place where every body is on the same page... where ever you go people are investing spread and all broker tells you

'is in your best interest diversify your portfolio'

And sounds Right?, but here is my question to all of you reading this post
What happens if you and all 9.2 million people subscribed to reddit WSB invest 1000 dollars on only one asset ??????????
Well the answer is simple. Look what happens (GME) on January this year and you have your answer

Basic Strategy

I will place one asset every week on monday 9:30 AM NYSE and i suggest keep open until friday same week. If your invest close do to the take profit option reinvest with all your wining´s.
On this website you can do shit only see what wos the public asset for that week and you can decide if you invest or not but no discussion on 100 000 comments and different ideas where we all get lost

My best to you all and good trading

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